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Financial audit with the objective of expressing an opinion on the financial statements in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework and Philippine Standard on Auditing

Independent implementation of your internal audit program to examine, evaluate and monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control

An independent and objective evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of internal operations including internal controls based on an agreed audit strategy and audit program enabling the company to identify areas of opportunities and threats

Carrying out specific audit procedures agreed upon by both the auditor and the entity and providing a report on factual findings for each procedure

Audit of specific accounts or items in the Financial Statements using appropriate reporting framework

A review of historical financial statements, tax filings and financial projections of investee companies

Planing the appropriate operational structure to ensure the Client’s tax compliance

Consultation on client tax assessments and preparation of appeal letter for submission to BIR

Preparation of monthly and/or quarterly and/or annual tax returns for VAT, Percentage Tax, Income Tax and Withholding taxes

Encoding quarterly summary list of sales and purchases (SLSP) and summary list of imporation using the BIR RELIEF system to support the VAT return for VAT taxpayers

Analysis of the Client’s financial performance using applicable ratios for decision making

Preparation of financial projections for start-up companies, business expansion programs, operational streamlining or business restructuring

Drafting of accounting and internal control policies and procedures manual including the chart of accounts and training for relevant management and staff

Maintenance and preparation of accounts receivable ledger and aging schedule

Preparation of invoices and official receipts to ensure compliance with tax requirements

Maintenance and preparation accounts payable ledger and payment schedule

Review of computational accuracy of supplier documents and the preparation of payment voucher and bank checks

Calculation and preparation of payroll register and bank transmittal report generation of sealed pay slips, and reporting/remittance to SSS, PHILHEALTH and PAG-IBIG

Scheduled and surprise inventory count throughout the year and reconciliation of balances per books with physical count balances

Scheduled and surprise cash counts throughout the year to ensure that cash are properly handled and managed by the Client’s cash custodians

Monthly reconciliation of your bank accounts to the balances per company records

Maintenance of fixed asset listing and monthly depreciation schedule including an annual physical account

Review and recording of vouchers, receipts and other source documents in the books of account

Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements comprising of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement

Preparation of your Financial Statements based on available and eligible data

Registration of your business with various agencies in the Philippines such as the SEC, DTI, BIR, Mayor’s Office for business permits, SSS, PHILHEALTH and PAG-IBIG

Encoding of your, SSS, PHILHEALTH and PAG-IBIG payments using the agencies programs and processing your remittances