MilanDomingo & Co. is a Philippine registered general professional partnership company comprised of a team of accounting professionals with a wide range of local and global expertise to bring to our clients. We cater to LOCAL and FOREIGN companies and create INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS to support business in managing resources for GLOBAL GROWTH and SUCCESS. The services that we provide are designed for COST EFFICIENCY and ENHANCED OPERATIONAL AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE. To ensure your satisfaction, we go through a rigorous design and quality control process with our clients.

We begin each engagement by understanding our clients requirements and customizing our products according to what you need. This way we ensure that what we give you is really what you need. Our team’s international experience enable us to serve clients globally. We are a dedicated and hardworking team you can trust to facilitate mandated reportorial requirements and meet deadlines. We are molded by the Company, core values and principles to serve our clients with integrity, commitment and excellence.